Four Days Early

from by The Fifth Minute

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Said I'd spare six days in town
Can't say I'd hoped that you'd be around
Sugarless coffee, I can recall
Six days until the fall

Can't tell who I've missed the most
You as the girl, the memory or ghost
Love's been elusive, fleeting and thing
That's me; how've you been?

I think I love you more this moment than I ever did then
I would do anything to have you, to be sixteen again
If I could scream across the ages I would shake myself, I'd get it together
The past is only getting brighter as the future extends
Just give me one more endless summer before everything ends
If I could cut myself out there I'd be content with my lot, for forever

And I know you're nothing worth dying over
Cause you're just empty memories, empty fears
And nothing worthwhile ever, lasts forever
At least that's how I justify these years
But yeah it brings me to tears

I must learn to hold my tongue
Cause I'm not all that young
And I'm not all that dumb
Well maybe I am that dumb

Let me walk you to the car
Hey, remember the old bar?
Well it sounds like you've got quite a day
Well then, see you around anyway

Now I know everything ends
But the polishing of absent friends
It seems the best things never last
Because they're only the best in the past

And now you're daring to send me condolences
As if you've got something useful to lend
You think poise demonstrates your maturity
Higher ground's all you've the strength to defend
And now your silence steals my revery, my past is all you'll ever be, to say I've not loved you all along, I don't know who is more wrong

I'm gonna crystallize this moment and then tear it apart
Not gonna let all your revisions hurt your place in my heart
Memories aloft will only leave me so I welcome your smile to the killing jar
You led me closer to the water but you're letting me down
I hope you know my palace crumbles with you stumbling around
So if the only thing you say to me is 'weren't we a time?' that's fine... I agree
And yeah I know that it's my fault, in the end
We grind the best of regrets from the best of friends
So I regret the day I trusted you to never turn your back on me I've hidden myself inside your eyes you fake you frail phylactery

And as I walk these streets they all seem shabbier
I don't know who I'm supposed to blame
And neither they nor you seem worth the barrier
So in the end I've nothing to my name... you know that? You know that?
You know what?
That sounds just fine
I'll take the seven ten train, and I'll head for the city
Gonna leave your life, it never was mine to tell
Gonna shake these streets, leaving four days early
I'm leaving this empty well

So let my longings only lie with what's in store, let my past be sealed behind these boarded doors
Let my memories fade and all my trophies burn, let me learn forgiveness or at least to yearn
Let these worthless grudges all be cast aside, let my baseless ego fade to honest pride
Let the roof cave in, let the walls fall down, let's emerge from the dust to the sun


from Another Castle, released June 23, 2011



all rights reserved


The Fifth Minute Boston, Massachusetts

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