From Our Heights

from by The Fifth Minute

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Shells burn the walls
Soot stains the sky
Blame rests with me
I won’t let you cry

Give me a smile
Hold me once more
I’m broken and spent
Not worth fighting for

This carcass of steel
Shelters our end
Eyes closed we can float
Time to pretend

Shot down from our heights
To ancestral home
Grip tight till it hurts
You won’t pass alone

And all that I no longer believe
Is a signal to me
Of the thousand miles traveled, the thousand miles left to go
And all that I no longer recall
Doesn’t mean much at all
We’ve stripped life of all but dying, it was hard enough to get through once

We never thought
We’d shoulder this
Narratives rot
Nothing remiss

We brush the sun
Spiral to ground
Lend me your voice
I can’t make a sound

You hold me close
Whisper goodnight
This shell’s a ghost
You are my life

And everything we can’t recreate
We will approximate
We will stitch up a tomorrow if it leaves us to the last undone
And for our anger the future will be bleed
But I’ve got, what I need
It’s amazing how stupid, amazing how strong we can be

Let them record our every mistake
We’ll not waver nor break
We will hold ourselves with dignity, will rise above with effortless grace
Let the rising sun mark our return
Let each verdict I’ve spurned
Lend its weight to my conviction when I swear I’ll get you out of this place
Let love and anger alone set us free
Let what you mean to me
Be enough to grant us providence, enough to see us both carried home
Don’t let your demons compel you to care
Past our seven foot square
If there’s any fight left in you I am begging you to hold on to life

We aim so high
We’ve no restraint
In blood we try
To wash the taint
We’re chained to our
Nuclear dove
But all I want
Is you my love


from Another Castle, released June 23, 2011



all rights reserved


The Fifth Minute Boston, Massachusetts

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