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You think you're so far above me
Well I don't think you know yourself I think that you love me
You're losing all your traction and I won't hit the breaks
I'm gonna hold to this collision course whatever it takes

And though we probably won't last
Well that won't stop me from denying it and burning the past
Cause though our future's looking darker every day
Well when's the future ever brighter anyway?

You've made your case
And I can't face
The way your ego feeds
This lie it cracks and bleeds

Like a heart in some teenage prose
But every time you smile you outweigh the lows
You're baffling my instincts to distrust the good
You rattle my composure like I never would have thought you could

And now my heart is breaking
The greatest dream is over and I find I'm waking
And against all available evidence
It wasn't cause I lacked self confidence

Yeah it was you and it was me
It was my penchant for avoiding it and your tendency
To let your anger linger simmering
And I can't say if I've learned anything

You drain me dry
My eyes too cracked to cry
And now the strings come in
And let act three begin

The unraveling, our final decline
Where we both admit that you are yours and I'm only mine
We thought ourselves so clever so above the game
But no matter how unique a love it always ends the same

So long I thought you were perfect, so I danced 'round rationality to say you were worth it
So long that we never knew, and while our threads became more twisted our distance only grew
So long farewell and goodbye, I could maybe live without you but I can't live a lie
So long but don't say it now, we could just sit here reminiscing close our eyes and both remember how

We were meant for the spotlight, were meant for the stage
And how we tipped our scales to happiness from fear, guilt, and rage
You lifted me completely, you broke down my guard,
And though the hope you left won't leave me well it makes the leaving hard

You slew every demon you vanquished my past
You scoured every nightmare with a moment to last
And although looking back I only notice the lights
That's the sadism of memory, the only place this ever was right

And every time I look at you I see someone new
You wouldn't have believed what my own hopes did to you
But nothing's ever better than the moment it ends
So I'm happy that you happened though I know we'll never be friends


from Another Castle, track released June 23, 2011



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The Fifth Minute Boston, Massachusetts

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