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There’s no way we’re gonna end this
With the proper degree of accord
There’s no way we might get through this
Yeah somebody’s going to get hurt
There’s no way we’ll overcome this
We’re all just struggling to live
There’s no way we might regain this
Something is coming yeah something is going to give

Why won’t you
Believe me
Why can’t you see that I’m telling the truth?
On my knees
Entreat thee
Held up to see our diminishing youth
Give me one
Last chance to
Just understand ‘fore the meaning is lost
What we had
Amounts to
Let’s just move on and regretting the cost

Don’t make me do this
Though we decay every day there’s no reason for this
We’re gonna get through this
Though we’re scaling the gallows one day we’ll be drowning in bliss
Please don’t believe this
So I missed every signal you know I can be hit or miss
We’re gonna retrieve this
You may say that you hate me you still hold my heart in your fist

There’s no way we’re gonna save this
Not while holding our grudges so close
There’s no way we’re gonna brave this
Not while loving each other but loving our anger the most
There’s no way we could conceive this
When we first joined in hands and in love
There’s no way they would believe this
In the words we’ve both spat and the standards fallen so short of

Don’t make me say this
I still love you fiercely but love will not cover the gap
Don’t make me delay this
And saying you need time to think is the worst kind of crap
Cause we’ve both survived this
And emerged from the river both rancid and covered in blood
And we can still drive this
Away from the thunder before we’re all lost to the flood

When I turned from grasping at straws in the dust
I beheld all your beauty and words turned to rust
I could just barely conjure the courage to speak
But our seventeen words ran through my head for weeks
And when we would collide I could hear in your voice
All my dreams and my fears, an answer and a choice
But I never quite seemed to get all the words right
And what seemed clear beside you would fade in the light
So I hid all my doubts in a dark tangled mass
And would steel myself daily to make it all last
But the lies in my eyes and my trembling tone
Seemed to already say we’re already alone
So we clashed and we busted ourselves in our heat
Each remark a riposte each rejoice a retreat
And when we finally cast aside all of our fears
What remained stood a tower of anger and tears

So we’re through, because of you, because of me and all that I believed, and yes we’re done, says everyone, they knew we were finished ‘fore it was conceived, living in the past, we know it won’t last, sustainability is not on our minds, cause between our fights, we both burn most bright, our passion has woven itself in our binds, and we are both

Blinded by our light… it tides us through the night… and who knows wrong from right… anymore

I’d cede the point
Fights without end
It just got harder to pretend
You must have known
That our accord
Only emerged when I got bored
Takes every ounce
Of poise and grace
To not spit all it in your face
And now at last
We can agree
That no agreement’s bought for free

And if we can’t rise to the beauty befitting our station
We shall fall with such terrific violence as we’ve never known
And if this won’t end in laughter and reconciliation
It’ll see us both squabbling over the one remaining throne
And we won’t call it wrong but we know it’s not right and we’re both of us tired and torn from the fight but we still stand and squabble and bicker and bite and redemption it flickers and falls out of sight because

There’s no way we’re gonna end this


from Another Castle, released June 23, 2011



all rights reserved


The Fifth Minute Boston, Massachusetts

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